Ways Influencer Marketing – By 2020 we can expect more

By 2020, we can expect more efforts to connect points, such as IRI’s partnership with IZEA’s Influence Marketing software platform, which in Vertical GIC software has features that allow the brand to isolate efforts to work with influencers to increase and track sales. From the death of Instagram’s traditional, almost perfect and brilliant aesthetics to its return to reality in 2020, Influence Marketing will not only be an integral part of a wider marketing mix, but an increasingly reliable part of it. Influencer Marketing will ripen in 2020, and this will happen with increasing expectations from the public, brands and marketers. From new audio opportunities to growing expectations for trust, authenticity and impact, the transition from teen to adult marketing has already begun. With an increasing number of companies selling phony followers and phony commitments at a modest pace, impact schemes have become a structural problem in the industry, estimated at $1.3 billion by 2019. We will see more efforts to integrate marketing teams that are trying to link influential marketing to sales. In a recent 18-34 survey, only 18% said influential people are trying to attract large numbers of people, but 34% said the ability to communicate with an influential person is a top priority. The rise of Influencer may have started with text and then expanded on video, but audio opens up new ways. In addition to expectations of transparency for both influencers and the brands they work with, the responsibility of marketing teams integrating them into programs will increase. While the ability to identify and avoid such accounts is effectively encouraged, it has not provided a permanent solution. In fact, increasing the number of APIs and acanas precludes the ability to fully assess and measure the true viability and effectiveness of the influential factor. Influential marketing is no longer in its infancy, but has reached its somewhat shameful adolescence. As in the past, social media marketing intuitively knows that it deserves its place in the constantly changing marketing mix, but it is still unclear what part of the marketing budget should be spent and how it should be implemented. Unlike social platforms such as Instagram, podcast influences attract the audience’s attention for a longer period of time, for example, in the gym, on the way to work, at home or in the office. Jay Baer, for example, reaches the audience of social media marketing professionals with “his” podcast “Social Pros”, while Polina and Brice Lopez feed “him” “his” podcast “Super Boobs”, which focuses on women’s empowerment and has helped build a strong community.

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