Pricing plans for different shields

For every situation, there is a different form of protection required to be safe and prosper.
We offer 3 levels of protection that cover most situations, but if your case is different just contact us and we will do the research to figure out what the best protection plan suits you:

When you have a reputation that needs protection you can see that it is rather difficult to do at times all on your own. Knowing when to get help from the right professionals might change your entire business, since more people are going online for information about local businesses as well as people’s names. Protection from negative postings as well as shielding from possible attacks can help you and your business thrive in an undetermined economy in which we are currently in. One reason that you should utilize this service is to rebuild your name, but another reason can be to place a fortress around you and your business so future attacks can be taken care of quicker and easier; think of this service as ‘preventive internet reputation management’. By creating content and setting a planned strategy, it is just a matter of time before negative posts of your name are wiped off to page two or three of the search engines like Google; it’s been reported many times that most people do not pass the first page when searching for information about any particular subject.

The ideal solution for your situation

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” – Winston Churchill

Everything changes in life, but with our services, changes that reflect you and your business can be shaped in the right direction. With more cyber-bullying present and more businesses and people being scammed, shielding your reputation on the internet is becoming more important everyday. One solution doesn’t work for everyone, contact us now so we can help you determine what is right for you and your business.