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John Yanch stops at the podcast “The Only Business Show” and talks to James Nathan about his last book “The Self-Restoration Entrepreneur”. John Yanche stops at the podcast “Only One Business Show” and sits down with host Wes Schaeffer to talk about his last book, “The Self-Restoring Entrepreneur”. Yansh wrote this book knowing that our life is a work in progress and that sometimes we need guidance to develop self-confidence and a sense of independence, two important qualities to have in sales and entrepreneurship. To learn more about the book format and what Yanch hopes to achieve, read this podcast. Duct Tape Marketing podcast covers everything from advice on how to save money to time management and productivity improvements. Yanch’s book is conceived as a series of 366 daily meditations for entrepreneurs to help them grow personally and professionally. Sellers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs know that they need to work on themselves before they can advance in their professional lives.

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