On the other hand if you are introverted by nature and

On the other hand, if you are introverted by nature and only talk about the clinical characteristics of a product, you will find it harder to build your personal brand. If you are an independent marketer, sales trainer or personal service provider, you know how important a personal brand is. While it may be easier to understand why branding is important for salespeople, it is also important if you want to make a living in retail and not be shoved into the same box as those who just hold up a mirror to get a job, take a badge and leave your personality and creativity at the door. Thank you for reading this article, and if you really want to give your customers an exceptional experience, you should check out my SalesRX retail training program. It shows you what your personal brand represents. ¬†Of course, I will never deal with a retailer who has closed the window again. The retailer who knows how to build “his” own brand doesn’t worry about who walks through the door; “he” knows because “he” can predict demand. Most people trust other people before they trust brands; so your own brand depends on your ability to build relationships. As opposed to a store, where you can find out customers’ problems, find out what they want to do with your products, what lifestyle they want to lead, what trends, what things they didn’t know were important to get more pleasure out of your products. Really good retailers take this data, define it, shape it, and use it to promote their brand. You can use social media channels to showcase your personal brand – your values, opinions and advice – like never before. Your personal brand is your attitude, your process, your personality. And if you have a very strong brand, like Kim Kardashian working on your floor, your products will take a back seat to your personality. Your personal brand should match value with ease of use. A personal brand helps you stand out as someone who takes “his” or “her” industry seriously. Ultimately, your personal brand is supported by the strength of the company’s brand, not the other way around. This is another example of a personal brand.

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