Co found that people who use an online tool to manage their

Co found that people who use an online tool to manage their projects are twice as likely to rate their performance, communication and organization as “excellent”. In fact, people pointed out that communicating with the online tool is easier through email, meetings and paper to-do lists. The good news is that many of the problems in today’s fast-changing work environment can be alleviated and even solved with the online communication and project management tool. When asked about their experience as clients, almost 96% of respondents agreed that the companies they work with can improve their communications and project management. At each data point, it is easier for people to communicate effectively, measure project progress, and organize and access information using an online tool. The project found that 52% of people have difficulty understanding how their individual tasks contribute to the overall goals of their organization. For example, while 89% of people believe that effective communication is extremely important, only 17% believe that communication in their own organization is excellent. That’s why we found that email and meetings can make it difficult for your employees to communicate internally. A new project study. confirms it: 61% of people believe that they regularly spend time on meetings. We also identified communication gaps in companies that still work in local offices. Productive weekly or quarterly meetings allow people to communicate with the entire team to see how their work benefits and improves the workflow of their team. In fact, surveys show that employees in open plan offices spend 73 percent less time talking face-to-face, with the number of emails and chats increasing by more than 67 percent. Open-plan offices have become the dominant trend in designing offices to improve communication, but there have been repeated allegations that this situation is worsening. The good news is that when properly used, technology seems to have the potential to significantly improve communication, organization, productivity and customer satisfaction.

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