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With our platform, only your most trusted GDPR experts and privacy gurus have access to the information, so your company name should not be tainted by “trial and error”. The Test & Trace system requires pubs and restaurants to collect information from customers when they visit the premises. The British hospitality industry supports the government’s Test & Trace initiative. Some of the key players in the industry are willing to support the initiative to help the industry recover from the national ban on coronaviruses. The platform provides a viable and cost-effective solution for bars and restaurants looking for testing and tracking experience. Other agencies are confusing the line between collecting data for testing and tracking and marketing goals. Hospitality operators must have an in-depth knowledge of testing and tracking requirements, as well as an assessment of your company’s ability to meet those objectives. Read on to learn more about Test & Trace and its impact on the hospitality industry, including technology solutions that can ensure both compliance and ease of use. Digital solutions such as offer many benefits for hotels and their customers while Test & Trace continues to exist. Our hospitality experts can help you evaluate your organization’s ability to handle testing and tracking challenges. The right technology can enable restaurants to meet GDPR requirements and support health and safety testing and tracking initiatives. Test & Trace, also known as “NHS Test & Trace”, is an initiative of the NHS and the National Institute of Health and Safety. Agencies should attempt to collect only the minimum data needed to conduct Testing & Trace. Test & Trace” is always controversial in the media. Make sure you use a platform such as ours that provides a high level of encryption to protect and secure your PPI, so that your coffee or restaurant staff can collect data on site and customers can be confident that their PPI is safe. Bars and restaurants use the platform for presenting web links or QR codes to the clients so they could get access to the digital forms and enter their information by using their personal mobile devices. As they have to act in a hurry, focusing on recovery after the closing, pubs and restaurants face the possibility to get rid of the problems connected with privacy.

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