Surprise Impacts Brand – The example of Apple shows that

The example of Apple shows that brands that have failed have the opportunity to recover, but such prolonged disappointment and lack of surprise can lead to the loss of the most loyal customers of the brand. When our favorite brands exceed our expectations, surprise us, we become more excited, and our interest and loyalty to the brand increases. The Google glasses cars without a driver or Ray Kurzweil’s search for uniqueness and idea leadership. We love the new surprises that make the brand more human and personal, like the pulsating light when the first generation of Apple laptops came out. If you find our brand and brand management strategy stimulating and want to get to know you and your marketing or management teams better, we can adapt the training and development efforts. The situation has matured, and brands that do not have the right human tone are perceived as cold and hostile, and they are difficult to communicate with. It is even better if we can identify with the brand and feel that the brand “always reads my mind”, or a step ahead of me, or makes me feel special and important as a client. We focus on exchanging thought-provoking experiences, facilitating complex conversations about strategy and brand management, and strengthening the marketing community. This can also be done with a sense of nostalgia – when a brand is seen as a classic – or by following a new trend and being a leading agitator. It is very important that brand relationships are experienced as personal. Branding Strategy Insider helps managers and marketers create strong brands. BSI is the service of Project Blake, an American consulting company that provides brand consulting services and support to marketers around the world. We want the brand to offer something that we are proud to show to our friends; something that becomes a new favorite. Not all strong brands that are temporarily perceived as boring find the same dynamic power as before.

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