New Insight – A return to professional sports has become a

A return to professional sports has become a welcome distraction for many of them, as they face the various consequences of the current VIDOC 19 pandemic and the repetitive flow of negative news surrounding the epidemic. They are still getting used to another kind of television – they miss the way fans make noise on TV, and maybe they want the channels to work longer – but it is good to have something to root with and communicate with. The chart below is based on responses from more than 3000 Snapchat users in the US Canada, UK and Australia, giving an interesting picture of responses from around the world. And it seems that this has had a positive impact at least on younger users, as this new Snapchat statistics shows the response of the public when they come back from different sports programs. And while serious challenges remain to be addressed in the context of the pandemic, sport has given fans what they can look forward to, what they can enjoy, what they can expect for a while. “Pargos” is glad to see again its favorite teams and players.

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