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Doug Burgum, the Republican governor of North Dakota, a state with deep conservative roots, played a major role in turning the tide this weekend. He burst into tears in a moving video in which he asked his constituents to wear masks in public, reminding them that this is not about politics, but about saving lives. Lesson learned: If you ever get negative media attention, you should get to the point and try to do things right. It is never easy for an official to demand the arrest of another, but Frey’s quick action and decisive words about this terrible event were well received by his constituents and the media. Unlike then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York City, Georgian government officials who remained silent for weeks after the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in Atlanta, and others, Frey immediately took a firm stand on an issue that was sure to provoke a similar public reaction. The horribly disturbing story of the death of Minneapolis-based George Floyd, 46, after a policeman was filmed kneeling on his neck, made national headlines within hours. Lesson learned: Waiting to say something when the obvious answer is inevitable often leads to criticism and increased pressure, though in the end these words carry much less weight when spoken in hindsight. Even if you spent 10 minutes on a social media platform this week, you probably stumbled upon Amy Cooper’s story.

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