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In early 2019, Martech expert Scott Brinker predicted that it will be a copper market for M&A marketing, for which there will be a “second golden age for Martech”. The large number of acquisitions of marketing technologies and new system integrations by Martech indicate a general upward trend towards all-in-one platforms – a trend from which traders should benefit in the long term. Another notable change in the sector this year was the acquisition of marketing technology companies by several private equity firms that focused on the financial value of existing Martech platforms. The technology marketing sector has had a busy year, with nearly 250 mergers and acquisitions in the first six months alone. Several Martech platforms have expanded their core offering by partnering with compatible solution providers, integrating dashboards to improve their data capabilities and adding native links to eliminate friction for marketers and advertisers. Amy Gesenhuez is Editor-in-Chief of Third Door Media. She brings the latest news and updates from Marketing Land, Search Engine Land and MarTech Today. Software companies are not the only ones involved in Martech’s mergers and acquisitions activities. This year we are also seeing a trend of brands towards MarTech decision making. Another important trend in the Martech industry is the integration of advertising, chat, email and data solutions. With more than a decade of experience in marketing management, “it” has contributed to various traditional and online publications including MarketingProfs, SoftwareCEO and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine. Every day you receive the most important digital marketing news. A few months later, Nike acquired the Celect predictive analysis platform to predict how and when consumers will buy certain styles. As more platforms consolidate and integrate functionality, fragmented platforms that lose important functions can become a thing of the past. In March, McDonald’s acquired Dynamic Yield Celect to adapt digital technology for its drives, kiosks and mobile applications.

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