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Experience Creation Team of the Year: This award recognizes a team that has worked together to overcome organizational barriers and deliver exceptional customer experience and business impact by using innovative approaches to execute their marketing, commerce or advertising strategies. They have consolidated and optimized their digital systems, data sets and marketing spend with Adobe Experience Cloud, and optimized the implementation of strategic product, campaign and customer experience initiatives on the ground with Adobe Target, Experience Manager, Analytics, Marketo Engage and CenturyLink’s internal data lake. Architect: recognized for a company that has combined its content and marketing strategy to optimize the digital customer journey and deliver relevant, personalized content to the right audience at the right time to create measurable impact and business results. The Experience Executive of the Year award recognizes a visionary executive who has led their organization’s digital transformation and made the customer experience a breakthrough in achieving significant business success. Orchestrator: awarded to the company that has aligned the customer journey across multiple channels, regions or platforms to create the most holistic customer experience through an innovative marketing campaign or business initiative. This year’s awards include 15 categories that recognize the customer experience achievements of individuals, teams and companies using Adobe Experience Cloud products. Maverick: Awarded to a company or individual that pushes the boundaries of innovation in customer experience, marketing, advertising or business. Advocate: Awarded to the company that has overcome a major customer experience challenge by taking a customer-centric approach to digital transformation and taking their customer experience to the next level. The Analyst: Awarded to the company that has mastered the art and science of data-driven decision making to create optimized customer journeys and generate meaningful business impact based on real-time information. The Mastermind: This award recognizes a company that has created a unified shopping experience across B2B and B2C channels, including online and physical stores, multiple warehouses, dropshippers, marketplaces, partners or suppliers, to empower and delight customers anytime, anywhere. An “ambassador”: awarded to an individual who has gone beyond sharing their knowledge and thought leadership and has demonstrated a willingness to successfully support their peers in their digital transformation and customer experience initiatives. To address the challenges of siloed systems, limited customer profiles and omnichannel requirements, Nitin appreciated the platform’s holistic approach and Adobe Experience Cloud. With the launch of Adobe Experience Manager in 2020 and additional packages, Rite Aid aims to create a more unified experience across the customer journey. They saw a unique opportunity to improve customer insights and personalization with Adobe Experience Cloud technology.

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