Coronavirus Era – No matter how difficult it may seem at a

No matter how difficult it may seem, at a time when so many people, families and companies are suffering, there is a huge untapped market for companies that may not have been good candidates for their services but have grown significantly and rapidly during this pandemic. The budget is often the biggest obstacle in the sales process. Therefore, when you show that you are ready to give the client a break, especially in these uncertain times, you show that you do your best to help them meet their urgent needs. Other hobbies include Austin’s bike research for the perfect sandwich, trying to learn all the Motown songs on “his” guitar, and solving puzzles about Lone Star beer bottle caps. The business segments we need to focus on today include digital products, telemedicine, home entertainment, home sports, major pharmaceutical companies, private brands and consumer product wholesalers. Navigating the sales cycle during the Coronavirus Pandemic is an unknown territory for any retailer anywhere in the world. Even the most experienced and successful retailers cannot rely on their proven methods to maintain sales. There’s a reason they spoke to you before the pandemic happened. A little push may remind them that there is no time like the present to move on. We should all know about the current situation, but the world is still spinning. Lower prices can help move the needle to close the sale at the present time. “With all the uncertainty in the world, how I will meet my quota” is the question that all sellers in the world and all industries are asking today. Just because you hear and read the news that the world is on fire does not mean that the search should be left behind. So make sure that you are ahead of the companies that can’t spend money now, but can do it later, if that makes sense. You don’t have to sell them anything, just tell them what you think about them and what you’re there to help them as much as you can. James Barndt is the head of customer service at Status Labs.

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