Hours Before Riot – Riot police handcuffed a CNN crew in

Riot police handcuffed a CNN crew in Minneapolis hours after after a rival media company gave the nation a dishonest account of the seriousness of the city’s unrest. Even as outrage over the Floyd affair reached its peak, many mainstream journalists were unable to shed light on other shocking cases of police brutality across the U.S. Dishonest media reports only exacerbate the problems facing Minneapolis, as contradictory reports seem to emerge about what happened. A few hours before the CNN crew was arrested in the early morning, an MSNBC reporter minimized the protests as night fell on the chaos. With the new protests apparently guaranteed this weekend, there will be plenty of time for the media to provide unbiased and honest coverage of the events. Although the officer at the centre of the video, Derek Chauvin, was arrested on Friday, this followed days of peaceful demonstrations and violent protests. The riots, the latest in a series of violent protests, were expected to destroy community businesses Thursday night and Friday morning. But the Minneapolis State Patrol was not the only group caught in an awkward situation after Thursday night’s riots. The shocking arrest took place early Friday morning, while the fires from the previous night’s riots were still burning. Jared has written more than 200 articles and assigned hundreds more since joining the Western Journal in February 2017. Velshi made a dishonest assessment of the situation when a huge fire was burning in the background and police control was clearly not in place. State police said the crew was handcuffed after refusing to obey a movement order, according to CNN. A live video of the arrest appears to refute this story, as network correspondent Omar Jimenez repeatedly asked the officers where he should go. Innocent shop owners were dragged into the carnage, and a police station building was virtually abandoned by police before being assaulted and set on fire by the crowd.

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