IP Geolocation API – The API has a generous free layer and

The API has a generous free layer, and the model includes the ability to store information in browser memory to avoid too many API calls. Release Notes Change date Registered on April 25, 2020. Last corrected update. The Custom Tag Model of the IP Location API is an unofficial tag model for the Google Tag Manager Community Model Gallery. For more information on using the template, see the API documentation and blog post. This template downloads the JavaScript API IP Location library. April 6, 2020 Update to the latest version of the API. February 10, 2020 Add IP hash as an option. January 3, 2020 First version. 2020 Simo Ahava. This information will be added to DataLayer before use. The API can also be used to get things like data from your provider. Use sessionStorage to save the results. Use the API without jQuery.

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