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Bonuses: You will receive a free and customizable social networking policy model that allows you to quickly and easily create a policy for your company and employees. While the military is expected to be restrictive in its policies, the U.S. Air Force policy for its employees surprisingly emphasizes the usefulness of social networking to keep in touch with family and tell individual stories to a wider audience. A good social networking policy is a living document that provides guidelines for the use of social media in your organization. For more advice and inspiration on how to encourage employees in your organisation to use social media to promote your brand, please consult our Employee Support Kit. The purpose of your social media guidelines is to avoid the need for a social media crisis management plan. Even if the entities in question are not completely illegal, it may be interesting for your employees to consider how 17% of U.S. employees admit to using social media to learn more about the people they work with. A social media policy is an essential tool for any organization that uses social media. A well thought out and written policy that recognizes both the risks and the need for social media for journalists and media professionals. However, 63% of Americans say that their employer does not have a social media policy. Ask yourself if these two documents should be separated, especially if your social networking policy is public. It covers your brand’s official channels and how employees use the media for personal and professional purposes. What should be included in a social media policy? A social media policy is not just a set of rules.

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