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If you found our articles on strategy and brand management interesting and would like to deepen your knowledge, that of your marketing teams or your managers, we can provide you with customized training and development work. When Heron was recording his song-poem at RCA’s recording studio in April 1971 his 1960s revolution was unfolding underground through an obscure network of activists, political theorists and reformers. How to start a movement? Nearly 20 million people took lessons when they saw the man dancing at the 2009 Sasquatch music festival on YouTube. It’s Gil Scott Heron’s voice when you hear the phrase “The revolution will not be televised,” a mandatory abstention from the Showtime series “Homeland,” television commercials and other shows. We focus on sharing stimulating ideas that expand conversations about strategy and brand management and create a community of marketers. Network theory shows that when three people talk to each other, there are only three lines of communication between them. BSI is a service of The Blake Project, America’s leading brand consulting firm serving marketers around the world. They may be outraged, brave, engaged or just plain angry, but these solid newcomers are the backbone of any movement. They need a shared belief system and brand story that points to a powerful new vision and communicates some likely steps along the way.

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Steven has over 12 years of internet experience, from design, to programming to internet marketing. It's his background in branding and marketing that led him to the path of protecting his clients reputation online, a specialized field that he has received years of training. When he is not researching the latest online marketing trends, you can find Austin meeting with clients and working to deliver businesses the results they need.