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Simplifying the language, defining alternative text for images and subtitles for videos, improving the formatting and text of links, including accessible navigation menus, using hierarchical headings and simply expanding your site are simple techniques, but can increase traffic, boost sales and improve your company’s reputation in all areas. Customers with disabilities buy from companies that respect their needs by making all content accessible, and 80% of them say they will choose the company with the fewest barriers rather than the lowest price. By keeping content accessible, you can position yourself as a trusted source that makes new content accessible to people who might not otherwise have access to it. What happens when someone enlarges their web pages on their device? All too often, this causes important content to “fall” to the edge of the screen or disorganizes the page so that the user doesn’t know where to click to move forward. You’ve been thinking about the relevant content you need to increase traffic while advancing your other marketing goals. The simple formatting steps make it easy to access the content. I have already moved away from content written in light grey because it was difficult to read in low light and I have no problems with my vision. There is no downside to keeping the content accessible. Imagine this: You are working on creating content for your corporate website blog. It’s not enough to write the link text in a different color, because readers who are color-blind, visually impaired, or live in dimly lit environments may not be able to tell the difference. About 4.4 million people in the United States use screen readers to navigate the Internet, but they can only read pages with a clear hierarchy. As an added benefit, hierarchical headings make it easier to read and understand the content. Make sure that all your Web pages can be easily expanded without affecting the structure, formatting and readability of the content.

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