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Selfridges took a more visual approach and added the grey “Keep in touch” box in the top third of each marketing email over a 30-day period. If you take a single shot, you are more likely to lose it, as our previous research has shown! Waitrose recognised this and, in the weeks leading up to the RPI implemented a structured communication programme to maximise the chances of re-approval. Therefore, physically present participants should think carefully about how to provide in-store training for GDPR staff, in-store advertising, and equipping point of sale staff with scripts and training to support these conversations. If your marketing program works above the line, you should also consider broader approaches to your DMPL messages. Tesco has recognized this importance and has taken a more pragmatic approach, sending out about 3% of its database daily over a four-week period. In the UK, a sender who tried to send “his” entire database 1 day before May 25th saw over 80% of “his” emails in spam folders. Yieldify’s research also showed that the most effective tactic to rebuild lists under the GDPR was to encourage account registration and membership. Remember that email does not work in a vacuum! It is part of a complex multi-channel ecosystem and your customer retention efforts must take this into account. With the GDPR deadline approaching May 25, 2018, one of the biggest mistakes made by many European senders was to leave everything to the last minute. When the RSPB came into force, a large part of the RSPB list was already compliant with the organic standards, which meant that far fewer last-minute approvals were granted.

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