WarnerMedia Unveils EMEA – Cochrane worked for WarnerMedia

Cochrane worked for WarnerMedia for 11 years, prior to which he was Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the Warner Bros. group of companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and Marketing Director for Harry Potter Global Franchise Development. Polly Cochrane, recently named head of WarnerMedia UK & Ireland, today announced the formation of her management team consisting of Alison Morris, Neil Marshall, Rachel Wakely, Alex Lewis, Allan Stanehouse and Charlie Cubbons. As for the new structure in the UK, Alison Morris, currently responsible for Warner Bros. content distribution. Turner, HBO and HBO Max, will now lead the new digital television and distribution team, which will include digital home video distribution. Allan Stenhouse will continue to lead television marketing, recently taking over television marketing and distribution functions for Turner and HBO Home Video, in addition to his responsibilities for Warner Bros. Charlie Cubbon will lead business development in the UK and Ireland region, as well as oversee the team’s new core business planning and long-term strategy for the games. Among the upheavals at Warner Bros are the upcoming games of global marketing chief Blair Rich, as announced last week, and former UK head Josh Berger, as announced last month. Neil Marshall will continue to lead the distribution of films, and now, with the support of Patrick Strafford, will take over local film production, while overseeing all activities in Ireland. Rachel Wakley, now Director of Product and Consumer Experience, will expand his “mandate” to include the sale of physical video as well as physical and digital games, moving all physical activities under his jurisdiction through all retail and e-commerce channels. The company also announced today that John Stanley has decided to leave the company next year, after 14 years running home entertainment company Warner Bros. in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Scandinavian countries. Lewis and Stanhouse will continue to jointly oversee creative services and franchise management for the UK and Ireland. Alex Lewis will continue to oversee the marketing of films and games. Commenting on the integration of our Warner Bros. sales and marketing activities, Polly Cochrane said: “I look forward to combining such a great leadership team, which is a testament to the great talent we have at the company. She is also integrating Turner’s subsidiaries and advertising sales into this combined team, working closely with their respective executives Riccardo Donato and Andrew Mullandane. She will leave her daily management positions at the end of this month and will continue working on various transition projects until the end of June 2021.

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