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“Advertisers and their agencies seek clarity in evaluating key platform and device metrics; they want consistency and independent third-party metrics,” said Jed Meyer, Managing Director of Ebiquity Consulting Group for North America. “Opening credits typically last more than two minutes, so the consumer is really committed to watching the video,” said Stephanie Bohn, Brand Director of the VidMob video marketing platform. “Unlike television, where Nielsen ratings are the only accepted way to measure viewer ratings, the measurement of ratings varies widely in the digital ecosystem,” said Eric Haggstrom, analyst at eMarketer Predictions. “As a media buyer, this does not have a direct impact on me, but when I look for product placement partners or try to understand content trends, I find it detrimental. “The measures have to answer one question, and if your question is whether someone liked a program or not, I think the measures are misleading,” said Ryan Gordon, director of the Walrus advertising and media agency. Using the two-minute measure, for example, the company said The Irishman had been seen 26 million times during opening week. Overall, changing the parameters of the streaming network means nothing to advertisers – it can only help make their content more attractive. While there is no industry standard, Netflix’s new measurement makes it difficult to compare the platform’s audience with traditional media to determine success. The company said it expects its “monitored” statistics to increase by 35% as a result of the policy change. Snapchat begins counting a view as soon as the video appears on the screen, but its content takes up the entire screen, while Facebook videos can appear alongside other written content. Ross Benes, an analyst with the trade data company eMarketer, joins Cheddar to discuss how Netflix is benefiting from international markets as competition increases in the U.S. market. It would be difficult to reconcile this with this weekend’s box office sales, as the people who went to see the movie probably left with the intention of watching it, rather than those who stayed home, decided to watch it, some of whom eventually decided not to watch it after a few minutes. The company wrote in its last quarterly report on Tuesday that it has lowered the threshold at which a person can watch the content for at least two minutes. Netflix is in a unique position because it does not allow advertising,” said Tal Chalozin, chief technology officer for the Innovid video marketing platform, “but in a world where attention span is shrinking, this approach to measurement may be the right way to go. “The real question is how they optimize their discovery engine,” said Chalozin.

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