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Or take a look at the new user interface of the handy audio capture program. It’s a 2D grid with clickable icons. Remember the 30-digit code that Microsoft told me to enter? It’s more than a fifth of the possible combinations. “As simple as that” is missing a lot of professionals who should call themselves designers, but don’t. Apple keeps making things easier than they should be, and all in the name of short-term convenience. Things that are kept to a minimum to make them too easy to do useful work. It’s not usually classified as Baroque Rococo or Byzantine. When power is hidden from the user because “he” cannot be trusted. And “but not easy” is increasingly being neglected. The complacency mode has fully developed. If someone has a choice, they move on to the next step. The balance is real. It takes sensitivity, empathy to realize that not everyone knows what you know, and not everyone wants what you want.

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