Can you remove your name from Google?

Getting your name slandered online can be tough to handle, but can you remove your name from Google?

Unfortunately, once information is sent into cyberspace, it is like a bad tattoo; you will never remove it completely. The good news is, however, that there are ways to improve your online image. If you search for your own name on Google and find some unsightly information, you can contact the host of the website that is sharing the data and ask them kindly (or not so kindly, if the situation calls for it) to remove it. The contact information for any website can be retrieved from a Whois database, which keeps track of domain names and can be searched using websites such as Another option is to intentionally flood the web with positive, intentional information about yourself. Websites such as are specifically designed to help people and companies advertise their positive attributes online.

The bottom line is that you cannot remove your name from Google completely, but you can improve your online standing with help from, ironically, websites that you can find on Google.

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