Paper Sample Book – I don’t know why I didn’t buy it

I don’t know why I didn’t buy it sooner, though I’m glad I didn’t, because then I wouldn’t have that beautiful book! The fact that you ship everything for free, without shipping costs, and that you provide ALL samples of paper in large sizes and details to do so, not the confusion of UGH I am in love with. The Paper Sample Book is a complete reference book on the various paper options that Smartpress offers. We had very tight delivery times, and since the delivery times were very short, we were able to make a decision much faster than expected, which gave us more time to develop. I was more than impressed with these samples! The quality is incredibly good for reading and extremely easy to read before ordering. This book of paper samples is a turning point. Each page is marked with a material name and printed with an image showing the quality of the print. A series of fantastic works with large formats for a more realistic experience. Incredible customer service and quality. To share your settings, simply copy the link to the clipboard and send it to your favorite media. Thank you for the incredible quality. The sampler is very complete and arrived quickly. Good sample size, good organization, good presentation. Contains an example of every stock available and every weight available. I ordered and received the parcel the next day! I can’t be more satisfied and will recommend it to all my marketing friends. We are based in Toronto, but the end product is much faster than in Toronto printing machines. It was the fastest delivery I have ever received.

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