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A listener who writes everything in capital letters, ignores screaming insults better; after all, do you really want the kind of company that could give such people a positive rating? However, if your response is negative, hostile, or simply “I’m doing my best, give me a chance,” it’s likely that most customers will take the examiner’s side. However, this particular online response from the TripAdvisor advisor – although it clearly indicates the exact circumstances – could have returned to both sarcasm and personal data. Ultimately, your employees will be the people who inspire good or bad reviews online, and you must work to make sure they give their best, even when customers are the worst. Here are some useful tips on how to avoid responding to an online negative rating – never – and how to maintain your reputation against a bad rating. If you’re thinking of insulting someone, as a businessman, you should ask yourself the following question: “Am I Don Rickles beloved actor and master of dilapidated comedy? If you’re not Don Rickles, we recommend that you never do this to a customer. The occasional negative online evaluation is a fact of life when you run a business. Professionalism is always the best answer to a negative online rating. The answer to your online evaluation will only make the situation worse and probably make it more expensive. Are you ready to learn what to do with the bad reviews? Download our guide: Turn your customers into brand champions. Join thousands of your colleagues and get the latest information on reputation management, branding, search engine optimization, customer satisfaction and more. It’s best to join the legal system when action has been taken against a customer. It should also be noted that this review dates back to 2014, and we are still talking about it, five years later. This approach can help transform the negative into the positive, and is much less defeatist. Here are 10 things to do and not to do to create and monitor online tests. These assessments can be discreet, patient and kind or completely unbalanced, and even the reactions of some companies.

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