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If you find our ideas about creating a brand and understanding brand management and you want a better understanding of yourself, your marketing teams or your management teams, we can develop a customized training and development commitment for you. NASA engineers did some simulations, but the results were not clear because their historical data did not contain as much data as those that hit Colombia’s wings. One of the recommendations of the disaster research was that NASA scientists should never again rely solely on PowerPoint to present important scientific information and data. We focused on sharing experiences that foster an in-depth debate onbranding brand management and promote community among marketers. The ambiguous slides, like the previous ones, helped reassure NASA staff that the damage was negligible and that it was safe to try to re-enter. The reason the bullets are considered bad is that many moderators use them too much and overload their memory. BSI is a service provided by The Blake Project, a U.S. based brand consultancy that serves marketing professionals around the world. An independent audit committee concluded that ineffective slides were one of many factors that led NASA to make the wrong decision to try to return home. Overheated gases infiltrated the cracks in the damaged wing and eroded the wing structure, and in 0905, a noisy explosion reported the collapse of Columbia in Texas. As a result, Columbia and its seven crew members circulated around the world with possible wing damage. NASA engineers suspected this could be a problem and produced a series of slides to illustrate the seriousness of the situation. In many of the “How to make a better presentation” guides, you will find that the main points are wrong. I will then improve the previous slide with 4 lines to create clarity in every marketing presentation. Branding Strategy Insider supports marketing-oriented executives and experts in developing strong brands. As information design expert Edward Tufte later pointed out, all the information needed to understand the danger was there; it was simply impossible to follow it.

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