Lead Hand-Off Process – Again the success of your prospect

Again, the success of your prospect transfer process and ultimately your sales depends on excellent communication between your salesperson and your account management teams. Business developers need a transparent process for sending qualified leads to account managers after making an appointment. What is the lead transfer process? This is the part of the process where a (potential) customer goes through the sales funnel, usually between the seller who found “him” and a seller who will manage “his” account. I have described below the process of Lead Partner Qualification and Lead Partner Hand Off using simple steps and templates. InsideSales.com Labs research shows that sales teams with good coordination between sales reps and account managers have a higher number of appointments and successfully closed opportunities. A game book is essential to optimize your lead transfer process, because you know which key metrics are essential to design your process. If the prospect does not emerge, it is the responsibility of the vendors to retain it or send it to the consortium of potential DSE customers in which it should be included. Commercial developers qualify potential customers according to the first two groups of the NUM model, Authority and Need. What is a qualified sales prospectus? Well, it will vary from company to company and from product to product or service to service. The smooth transfer of responsibility from a customer to an account manager is a delicate process. Often the difference between a potential customer who is eligible for marketing and a potential customer who is eligible for sales is the intention to buy. More importantly, the proportion of companies that communicate daily between DTS and EA is 7.2% higher, according to the study “State of Sales Development 2017”. The key to success is that sales and account development managers sit in the same room and work on the details.

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