In addition because OOH has traditionally been a highly

In addition, because OOH has traditionally been a highly effective visual medium for a single message, it serves as an extension of marketing campaigns that consumers can view online or through other channels. Now that we’ve explained why OOH is a valuable addition to any marketing campaign, let’s take a closer look at how integrating OOH into your overall marketing mix can help improve the effectiveness of other channels. Like OOH’s impact on digital, it can extend the life and relevance of television campaigns by keeping consumers’ attention on the brand message even when they’re not watching TV. If you’re ready to make OOH a central part of your marketing mix and achieve your marketing goals better – and faster – than ever before, check out the free AdQuicks Media Planner tool to see what it can do for your brand and your future campaigns. And as data, insights, location information, targeting and more breathe new life into OOH, there’s never been a better time than now to rethink how your brand uses OOH advertising to its fullest potential. The biggest difference, however, is that OOH TV typically targets audiences based on interests or behaviors, making it an ideal vehicle for delivering personalized brand messages to highly engaged consumers. So while OOH can extend the life of a campaign like the other aforementioned broadcast media, radio can play a contextual or localized role because it can follow people wherever they go — in the car or in their headphones. And for those who do, the benefit of OOH is simple: because OOH is a cost-effective addition to a broader multi-channel marketing campaign, it can effectively reduce CPM costs and increase efficiency for TV advertisers. Many marketers, even those who have been buying OOH ads for years, are unaware that OOH offers the lowest CPM of all traditional media. Although careful audience targeting is now possible when planning OOH campaigns, OOH as a media is not differentiated in the same way that digital is. This makes OOH ideal for extending the reach and global reach of cable TV campaigns, allowing brands to give their message a local flavor. Moreover, given that 75% of linear TV shows reach only 25% of U.S. households, OOH offers an opportunity to bridge that gap and capture the attention and share of consumers who don’t spend much time in front of a TV – especially at a time when more consumers are turning off cable TV and relying on an ever-growing list of streaming TV and video-on-demand services for their entertainment. Before we look at how outdoor advertising can enhance other marketing channels, it’s worth remembering that in many ways outdoor advertising can also stand alone. While digital advertising often gives consumers only a fleeting impression of a brand, outdoor advertising can form a familiar and intimate relationship with a brand. Whether consumers listen to radio in the car or streaming radio on a computer or mobile device-at least those who don’t choose a premium package to ignore ads-the radio can quickly fall prey to channel surfers who will do anything to avoid ads.

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