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Former Arizona Air Force veteran Martha McSally, who revealed that she had been raped by a superior while serving in her country, told the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday that she does not believe that allegations of sexual violence against President Donald Trump’s candidate will be considered vice presidents of the Chiefs of Staff. Hyten, left, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about his appointment as the next vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on July 30, 2019 in Washington. Martha McSally, a lawyer, addresses a Senate Armed Services Committee on Prevention and Response to Sexual Assault in the Army March 6, 2019, Jack Davis is an independent editor who joined the Western Journal in July 2015 and recorded the campaign during which President Donald Trump was elected. “I’m very aware of the accusations being made against me and I believe that one of the most serious problems we have in the military is sexual violence,” Hyten said. Mr. Hyten stated that he supported all efforts by the committee, which held closed sessions on the allegations, to disseminate as much information as possible. “After all, I think the Senate will come to the same conclusion as me. General Hyten was unjustly accused, and this case should be set aside, because you believe that “your” appointment is important,” Wilson said. McSally said she spent a lot of time investigating the allegations against Hyten. Since then, he has written extensively for The Western Journal on the Trump, as well as on foreign policy and military issues. McSally said false statements can lead to women not being promoted so that male superiors can avoid similar situations. John Hyten, who currently oversees the U.S. Strategic Command, was charged with sexual assault by Colonel Spletstoser. As Spletstoser watched the public, McSally said he prayed that the prosecutor would get the help he needed and find the peace he was seeking, according to the Washington Post. Former Air Minister Heather Wilson, who oversaw Hyten’s investigation, defended him before the committee. “This has been a painful time for me and my family, but I want to make it very clear to you and the American people that these allegations are false.

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