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Niraj Dawar answers the question “Why do your customers buy from you” with “[The reasons why they buy] lie almost exclusively in the interactions that take place in the market: trust, reliability of delivery, service, knowledge and experience cannot be manufactured, packaged and sold in the factory. “One of the best ways to understand this is to experience the customer’s journey for yourself – a kind of “secret customer” to see how you make your customers feel. As Scott Gallway writes in his article “Why Product is Experiencing a Renaissance”, “although it seems that the explosion of values provoked by the technological revolution is due to the incorporation of new features and capabilities, its greatest contribution comes from the elimination of obstacles and killers in time in our daily lives. “Its products and services must be adapted to the needs of its customers and not to innovations. For me, however, this does not mean that the value of a good brand image is denied when we define brand image as the process of creating and managing the signals that convey the idea or feeling of a brand. If you find our thoughts on brand and understanding of brand management and want a better understanding of yourself, your marketing or your management teams, we can develop a commitment to training and development tailored to you. As Richard Shotton said in his article How Advertising Signals Brand Power: “Brands must recognize that much of the impact of advertising is due to implicit communication. The more we try to build a great brand through branding, the more we move away from the source of a brand’s true power. We focus on sharing experience that fosters in-depth debate about branding and brand management and fosters community among marketing professionals. Things collapse when companies become smart, cute or dishonest with a brand image that aims, for example, to provide excellent customer service while keeping customers waiting forever. BSI is a service of The Blake Project, a leading U.S.-based brand consulting firm serving marketing professionals worldwide. But like so many aspects of our modern life, it can be easy to immerse yourself in all the abstractions and theories and lose sight of what it means to build a great brand. Interestingly, and I agree, the three requirements you describe are essential to building a strong brand. Branding Strategy Insider supports executives and marketing-oriented professionals in building strong brands. It has great value in brand innovation piracy. It also allows ambassadors to place employees at the center of their brand and their brand at the center of employees, and enthusiasm can be contagious. A strong brand is a by-product if you do a lot of things right. Your brand must be significantly differentiated, which is a constant task.

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