Employee Spotlight – And no wonder: his huge support

And no wonder: his huge support experience combined with his ability to speak Portuguese fluently allows him to serve Reputation.com in 2018 Miguel Silva, European support manager, has made rapid progress in his organization, learning new skills and taking on more and more responsibilities. We recently spoke to Miguel Silva about his position, as it has evolved since he was hired, and what he has to offer in terms of first-class customer support Reputation.com is worth it. Miguel: My main job is to receive emails and phone calls from customers or account managers and provide support. Miguel was born in Portugal and has lived in the UK since he was his teenager. He leads a support team in Liverpool that is growing in response to growing demand. Since joining Reputation.com, I was able to quickly expand my role, which was great and I really enjoy working here. Michael: Some of our clients in the UK are dental clinics and it is usually the administrators who use our platform. On the other hand, our large clients sometimes have complex problems that take longer to resolve and sometimes I have to refer them to a technical team. Michael: First of all, I’ve never seen Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings – which is said to be quite rare. Michael: Before coming to Reputaiton.com, I worked for seven years at Promethean, which produces interactive screens for schools. Whenever I can help them navigate the platform, they thank me and I get emails to thank them for my help. After the first two years, I gradually moved up the career ladder, and as my team grew, interviewing candidates became part of my job. Michael: I love my team in the Liverpool office. I also recently participated in the recruitment process for two new support staff in the UK. The goal is to show them how the platform works and give them advice to help clients. I was in the support office and spent most of my time dealing with technical issues.

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