Email marketers don’t have time for shiny new things How do

Email marketers don’t have time for shiny new things How do you know if you’re wasting your time chasing shiny new things? They’re just as prone to chasing shiny new things today as they were 20 years ago when email technology took its first big leap forward. Just look at the anger of our fellow email marketers when discoverability rates plummeted when Apple enabled email privacy in its iOS 15 update. Finding an expensive product that will solve your problems can be a costly mistake, not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of lost revenue and customers. Her experience and expertise in digital marketing has enabled “her” to create innovative data, technology and customer activation orchestras for Adestra, Acxiom, Responsys, Sears & Kmart, BlueHornet and infoUSA. As email marketers, we need to have a greater sense of purpose. We don’t want to keep spending money on flashy things that we can do cool things with but not make money from. Ryan is chairman emeritus of the Email Experience Councils advisory board and a member of many business groups. You could say that every email is worth two cents more, and on the face of it, it doesn’t seem like much. We’ve always strived to meet our goals, but we’ve been distracted by many external factors: new privacy rules, changing technology constraints, new customer loyalty issues, changing customer sentiment, etc. Email is already underfunded compared to other digital channels. Sometimes it’s worth using sparingly, like the “Oops!” email sent on Black Friday. But the hardest and most expensive distraction is trying to hack it to find a proxy to open it. Email is still cheaper than most other channels, while still providing a higher return even when using extras.

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