An experienced generalist William has written about IT

An experienced generalist, William has written about IT employment for Insights. Dice. com, Big Data for Information Week and Software-as-a-Service for SaaSintheEnterprise. com. He also worked as an editor at Mobile Computing and Communication magazine and as a senior editor at CRN, where “he” had to cover 20-30 different technology topics during an editorial year. Keyword blocking and blacklisting is a good first line of defense to protect your brand from inappropriate content. But this method resembles a game of cat and mouse, as it needs to be manually updated weekly or daily, Belau continues. Your brand is a valuable financial asset that can be damaged in more and more ways, says Christoffer Belau, SVP Digital Media at Media. Monks, a digital advertising production and service company. There’s no easy way to avoid invalid data, Varma says. There’s no universal rule, but it’s safe to say that every site has some bot traffic, within a single-digit percentage, and there are others, though a minority of them, that have more bot traffic than real users.” says Varma. They avoid posting on fake news sites that spread conspiracy theories, but they also lose their place on news sites that spread facts. Broader keywords can also have a high rate of false positives, says Akshay Varma, director of product management at AdPushup, which connects content creators with ad markets. Another problem brands face is ad fraud — for example, when a questionable Web site is set up to attract online ads using a bot that generates false clicks to a Web site or ad. As long as advertisers are buying long-tail sites at low prices, it’s hard to kick the habit. That combination of high volume, low price and high click-through rate will attract marketers, “he” said. Marketers practicing brand safety can get away with it, but the practice is flawed. No one wants their product advertised on a site that promotes fake news, conspiracy theories or extremist politics. Chasing cost, reach and volume affects branding, Thurman says. Thurman said the industry can create a list of standards to combat such practices, designate specific channels and get a better understanding of who works in the advertising supply chain. COVID-19 is a good example of a backlash against brand safety.

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