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Nuzback said Garden View residents experience social activities and the entertaining culture of coexistence and that older people often enjoy a greater degree of freedom and independence in an assisted-living facility, no less. Residents of Garden View Assisted Living in Carroll, Iowa proudly presented their own version of a back-to-school photo shoot that used a whiteboard and a series of dry-cleaning markers to share their tips with the world. Kari Nuzback, Garden View’s Director of Independent Living Assistance, told Best Life that residents were eager to participate in the photo project. “Of course, all seniors want to stay home if they can, because they’re used to it, but we often gain independence by going to an assisted living center because we have so many more options,” Ms. Nuzback said. “We’re very happy in our nearby rural community, so it’s overwhelming to hear people from Canada and Japan, but it’s incredible,” Nuzback said. Kim Davis, a graduate of Grand Canyon University, has been writing for the Western Journal since 2015, focusing on lifestyle stories. As young students cross the American herd to return to school this year, a group of Iowa elders offered them timeless advice. Nuzback hopes the viral photos will awaken the desire of young friends and family to spend more time with older people in their lives. Kim has worked as an arts administrator for the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, wrote the music education program and led social engagement programs throughout the region. “Good students ask questions,” says Don, 93, who graduated in 1944. Kim Davis began writing for Liftable, a brand of the Western Journal, in 2015. He has a degree in music education from the University of the Grand Canyon with a major in tacos. “Be careful when your teachers talk,” says Arlene, 93. “Your children will be children, not caregivers,” “she” added. Each participant posed with a blackboard indicating the resident’s name, age, terminal class and tips. The facility is full of news of how “her” photos have become widespread.

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