But what if your employee representation program fails

But what if your employee representation program fails? What if only a few employees were willing to share your content? The reason is simple: your employees don’t just want to share your company’s content. If your employees regularly share conservation content and profile themselves within your organization, you’ll always have access to a group of industry experts your employees already know to some extent. Employee advocacy can help your organization grow on all fronts: committed employees increase profitability, improve performance, and bring more empathy to the workplace. However, with employee representation, you can create a lead generation engine that is always active and consistently delivers leads, even if you reduce your content creation efforts or advertising budget. If you’re ready to defend your employees’ interests with content retention, here are the areas you need to focus on to achieve the best results. With Content Curation your employees can fill this gap for your business. If you throw all the content you find in a place where it’s stored, you won’t encourage your employees to share it, you’ll overload them. Sharing relevant, detailed industry content positions your employees as true experts in their field. To do this, content retention should be as easy as possible for your employees – this guide will show you how. Employee representation focuses on the promotion of a company by your employees. In other words, if you are all on the same page, you can clearly and easily communicate your brand messages through centralized content management. According to a PostBeyond survey, employees largely share company content. It’s also the first step before classifying and tagging the content you add to your content library for your employees to share. If your content doesn’t reach the right people, you’re unlikely to be able to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals. In this way, you can support all your sales, marketing, recruiting and communication efforts and establish an open conversation with the networks of people your employees have already established.

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