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Also note that in the case of Gmail, mailbox providers have much more aggressive views on meeting deadlines: 30 days! We recommend that all senders set a reasonable novelty threshold and then delete older documents, unless there’s a legal obligation to keep them. Many calculate their own version of reputation values, and if the values are wrong, senders are blocked or rejected, which has an immediate negative effect on LDPG messages. Our “Frequency Matters report found that 9% of a typical email list consists of “dead” addresses that were created and then abandoned. There is little point in trying to send GPLD emails to these addresses – they will never respond and could cause significant delivery problems. In the first article in this series on the lessons learned by GDPR in preparing Brazilian email marketers for GDMA, we focus on attracting new customers and prospects. Senders who are currently achieving results outside the top tier group should address these causes before launching their campaigns against PRI. This is sensible advice, and mailbox providers are well aware that its application will help improve email deliverability. This is not surprising – mailing lists typically fluctuate between 25-30% per year, which means that the average list duration is 3-4 years – even with the best programs. In this way, dead addresses can be identified and removed before business-critical DMPL mailings take place. In Europe, many senders have tried to contact all addresses in their database, regardless of age.

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