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In addition, we need to look at more comprehensive indicators that show how performance results are consistent with intent, the impact of marketing on customer actions, programs and channels that perform better, and how we can make market growth and customer satisfaction more predictable and consistent. In short, we need to change the way we think and talk about marketing and create a new cross-functional language that can express the meaning and value of marketing to all members of the organization. Before we think about how to talk about marketing, we need to clearly define what value we offer and how we measure it. Marketing now occupies its place at the management table and works with Suite C not only to provide traditional ISI in the short term, but also to support the long-term vision of the brand. It’s as if we can freely express it all in different languages, because the stakeholders we deal with have different needs and want to hear different things. But as the role of the marketing department has evolved, the traditional funnel has become very simple and outdated. The problem with a traditional funnel is that it sees marketing only as a supplier to potential customers. This is what our new language of marketing is needed to communicate with C-Suite. The truth is that now that marketing has changed, what we need to measure has changed. For more tips on how to create world-class B2B marketing strategies, see this customizable program plan template. In most cases, the marketing language has been embedded in the funnel language for centuries. The reality of modern marketing is that it has operational, departmental and organizational implications. To do this, we need to think about what each of these stakeholders thinks, what they want to hear and what we have to offer to achieve their own goals. If you prefer not to receive marketing messages from Marketo, you can unsubscribe from all marketing messages or change your preferences here. This means bringing the value of daily marketing to the attention of key stakeholders and department heads who have different interests and concerns. And marketers want to know more about the most qualified prospects.

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