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The automotive industry outperforms many other key industries in terms of reputation, including hotels, property management, retail, healthcare and finance. Albertville, Alabama, has just over 21,000 residents, but Gilbert & Baugh Ford has the second highest reputation score in the 2019 Automotive Report, download our 2019 Automotive Reputation Report to learn how a higher reputation score can improve your financial results and increase your customers’ confidence in your brand. Higher reputation scores are correlated with higher sales, and this is reason enough for car dealerships and companies in other industries to do everything they can to manage their reputation online. At the top of the list of car dealerships in terms of reputation is Charlotte’s Hendrick Lexus. Mazda City of Orange Park, located in Jacksonville, Florida, combines Gilbert & Baugh’s reputation score of 917, with Hendrick Lexus as the leading reputable retailer. Whatever your industry, you can learn a lot about the importance of online reputation management from the actions the automotive industry has taken in recent years. 2019 Automotive Reputation Report has been published and provides a detailed analysis of the online reputation of 28 automobile manufacturers representing 16,000 individual dealerships. Com’s ranking of auto dealerships based on reputation score is Mazda City of Orange Park. Here are three examples of car dealerships that make the most of their reputation ratings. Located in Albertville, Alabama, Gilbert & Baugh Ford has a reputation of 917, with 4.8 out of 5 stars in 670 Google Reviews, Mazda City shows a serious commitment to its online reputation. A look at Google’s list of companies shows how many things they do well in managing their online reputation. The study confirmed that a higher reputation score leads to a higher sales volume – 1% for every 30 to 40 points increase in reputation score. A company’s reputation score is calculated based on several sources of information.

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