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To address Amazon can celebrate fashion, create brand stories and attract first-class customers who may not have considered buying luxury in the past.” “Amazon offers the appearance of a retail platform directly to the consumer through its delivery: warehouses in the U.S., a fleet of air freight, same-day service,” WWD continues. While the debate continues over the ability of a luxury brand to remain exclusive while still being available everywhere – proponents argue that luxury cannot be both exclusive and affordable because too much presence negates the luxury of a product or service – Amazon is pushing its luxury shopping solution. Currently there is only a limited selection of brands – Oscar De La Renta, Roland Mouret, La Perla, Clé de Peau and Altuzarra – but the benefits of Amazon luxury stores are seen as necessary to revive an industry that has taken a big financial and emotional hit. Second, Amazon will provide luxury brands with “clean data”: shopping habits, conversion rates, and the number of “non-fashionable” Prime members who buy luxury goods. Luxury brands fleeing Amazon’s luxury stores should understand that the “Amazon and luxury” optimization is for shoppers who don’t want to compromise between luxury and convenience, for shoppers who want luxury without delay. Logistics are a major asset for luxury brands that know how impatient their customers can be. “Amazon is building its own luxury warehouse in Arizona. Roland Mouret, one of the creators of the Amazon luxury brand, told WWD that “he” considers Amazon the “next frontier” of luxury fashion. Luxury brands will have their own unique, interactive experiences while relying on Amazon’s accessibility. Due to the exceptional capabilities of the online store, it is not surprising that Amazon is entering the luxury market with its luxury stores. Third, Amazon wants luxury brands to make decisions about inventory, selection and pricing. Although luxury goods conglomerates Kering and LVMH reject Amazon’s forays into the luxury goods market, Amazon’s Luxury Stores app offers unique and well-designed benefits to luxury brands. Professor Kapferer believes that in order to compete in an ever-expanding and always connected world, some luxury brands must find a way to maintain their upscale aura while being accessible to a wide range of people around the world. Amazon is implementing a solution that responds to the decline of luxury goods in stores while maximizing spending on luxury goods online. At the same time, Professor Kapferer describes an alternative concept of luxury that brand owners can consider: luxury can be both exclusive and widely available. As one luxury industry leader said, “Never underestimate Amazon.

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