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The vacation forecast report for 2019 and the current vacation report are based on the combined data of Adobe Experience CloudAnalytics and Adobe Experience Cloud. Using Adobe Analytics, part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, we have analyzed more than 1 billion visits to more than 4,500 retail websites to provide you with the most complete and accurate information about e-commerce and retailing. Our report is the most comprehensive of its kind and is based on a model that analyzes over a billion visits to more than 4,500 retail sites and 55 million SKUs. Adobe Analytics’ experience helps you better understand consumers: their behavior and brand interactions on websites, in the media, and in advertising. Learn how consumer trends affect income, including consumer preferred devices, to better tailor your consumer experience. Check out our comprehensive and detailed online consumer spending report and our forecasts based on trillions of visits to thousands of websites. Just as Adobe’s vast customer experience is at the heart of our Cloud of Adobe Experience. The numerical price index for certain products changes during holidays, often day after day, and affects the value that consumers receive for each dollar spent. The days consumers most often shop online during vacations are based on low prices and high product availability. Get this report from Adobe and Forrester to see what IA can do for retailers. Learn how to create an individual retail experience that will help attract and retain customers throughout the year. The additional study is based on a survey of more than 1,100 U.S. consumers and a 12 million media survey conducted between August 1 and October 11, 2019. It finds out when consumers are looking for vacation discounts and when they are paying a premium for quality products. Take a look at our infographics in six ways to see what the future of retailing in China looks like today.

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