A Perfect SEO – The number of clicks on the Google search

The number of clicks on the Google search results page plays an important role in a site’s ranking. Has your site’s organic growth stalled? Are you building backlinks with quality content, but not seeing improvements in organic rankings and traffic? Then it’s time to go back to basics and focus on a technical audit to improve on-page SEO Did you send them the right way, using a personalized approach? Unfortunately, if you’re sloppy with redirects, your site will lose its appeal to the search engines. You can also measure how long visitors stay on your site before returning to the search results page. Images and videos keep redirects low and increase user interaction and time spent on the page. Google uses the quality of your outbound links to assess the quality of your page content. Your keyword should be present in at least one subheading to make your page search engine-friendly, but it never hurts to put it in multiple subheadings. Creating the perfect SEO-optimized page is a time-consuming process at first. One of the important rules for a perfectly SEO-optimized page is keyword placement. For websites using Google Analytics, bounce rate and user interaction can also be measured and used as an indicator of user experience. Keywords are essential to a perfectly SEO-optimized page. Google can measure how many people click on your page when they see it in the SERP. This highlights the importance of your page keyword, or keywords if you use multiple keywords. Your keyword should appear in the first 100 to 150 words of your page. If you use a sophisticated shopping cart or CMS, make sure you can rewrite your URLs to create clean, search engine-friendly URLs.

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