You can use social proof in your email to encourage people

You can use social proof in your email to encourage people to click on your calls to action. Wistia has increased click-through rates by 300% by including videos in their emails. Most people spend a lot of time on open rates for emails, but there’s another email metric that’s just as important: click-through rate. Of course, click-through rates are important, but click-through rates and other forms of email engagement can also contribute to the success of your email marketing. Fortunately, you can also use curiosity in your emails to get people to click on your messages. Believe it or not, you can pave the way for high click-through rates without changing the content of your emails. To get a better understanding of what email promotional emails are for small businesses, we conducted a survey asking respondents to report email click-through rates. How to increase your click-through rate through email 1. Not only does it create a dry email message, but it distracts from your email content and your call to action. But you should know that a low click-through rate can hinder product launch, hurt your site traffic and make your email strategy ineffective. After all, it has a call-to-action button that encourages people to click on emails.

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