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“Advertisers and their agencies seek clarity in evaluating key platform and device data; they want consistency and independent third-party data,” said Jed Meyer, managing director of Ebiquity Consulting Group North America. “Unlike television, where the Nielsen audience index is the only commonly used way to measure audience ratings, audience measurement varies greatly across the digital ecosystem,” said Eric Haggstrom, a forecasting analyst at eMarketer. “Entry credits often take more than two minutes, which means the consumer is actually participating in the video,” said Stephanie Bohn, brand manager of VidMob’s video marketing platform. As a media buyer, this has nothing to do with me directly, but when I’m looking for placement partners or [understand] the trends in content, I think it’s harmful. “The measures should answer the question, and if your question is whether someone liked the program or not, I think the measures are misleading,” said Ryan Gordon, director of advertising and media agency Walrus. For example, using a two-minute measure, the company said the Irishman was seen 26 million times in the first week. Despite the lack of an industry standard, the new Netflix metric standard makes it difficult to compare platform views with more traditional media when measuring success. In general, changing the parameters of the streaming network does not mean anything to advertisers – it can only help make your content more attractive. The company says it expects a 35 percent increase in “audit” statistics from a change in policy. In its latest quarterly report on Tuesday, the company wrote that it lowered the audience threshold for someone who viewed content for at least two minutes. Snapchat starts counting views as soon as a video appears on the screen, but its content takes up the entire screen, while Facebook video can appear alongside other content written. Ross Benes, an analyst for eMarketer’s commercial data company, joins Cheddar to discuss how Netflix is benefiting from international markets as competition in the U.S. market grows. It would be difficult to reconcile sales at the box office this weekend because people who went to the movies probably came out with the intention of watching it, not those who stayed home, and some of them finally decided not to see it in a few minutes. Netflix is in a unique situation because it doesn’t allow advertising,” said Tal Chalozin, technical director of Innovid’s video marketing platform. “The real question is how to optimize your discovery machine,” Chalozin said. Investors were happy to see the company grow after the launch of Disney+ and AppleTV+ in November, as well as in preparation for the upcoming launch of Peacock streaming service from NBCUniversal.

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