User Distributor – If the total number is less than 100

If the total number is less than 100, then cookies will not be set for users who are not in any of the groups and will be viewed the next time the tag is activated. In Simple mode, a percentage is assigned and a random number is checked to ensure that the user is within that percentage. In multiuser mode, you can create multiple groups and randomly assign a user to one of them. When a user turns 100, each user belongs to one of the groups, and a cookie is assigned accordingly. You can use this tag to randomly assign users to areas, and then store this information in a cookie first hand. The user tag template in the mailing list is a template for the Google Tag Manager Community Template Gallery. If they do not match the template, the cookie is set to a false state. If they do, they will be assigned a cookie with a real value. Change the release date to June 7, 2020 Fixed permissions bug. This can be used, for example, to correct only the percentage of visitors. You can read more about the template in the corresponding blog post. November 30, 2019 Add modular tests. September 20, 2019. First tranche. October 2, 2019. Update the brand. 2020 г. Simo Ahava.

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