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Therefore, it is very important that you regularly optimize your Pinterest page and use the correct image formats for your tables and pens. It is important that you use an image that perfectly matches your size. This format is suitable for LinkedIn articles that contain a link to a photo or image of an article or blog post. There are many different platforms and devices on which users can stream to YouTube Therefore it is important that your brand has a photo that is optimized for each platform and device. Recently Facebook has changed its profile image so that company pages appear on the left side of the screen. Since this picture is on your home page, it is likely that the visitor is actively looking for your brand. So take the opportunity to seduce them with a good photo. When placing a pin on your forum, you should remember that Pinterest limits the width of the image, but not its length. A Facebook cover photo only appears on the Facebook timeline, but it’s much larger than a profile photo, giving you more freedom to choose something creative. The Sprout Social tool itself is free to resize, cut and scale images from social networks. On YouTube, you can select different boundaries for profile photos, but the sizes remain the same.

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