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While many brands have integrated social media strategies into their marketing plans, Oreo digitally was made from a very important point of view. We are focusing on sharing experiences that facilitate in-depth discussions on brand strategy, management and brand promotion among marketers. Contribution to Stephen Wanker’s branding strategy taken from his new book JOBS TO BE DONE: A customer-centric roadmap for innovation, approved by AMACOM. Insider branding strategy helps senior executives and marketers create strong brands. BSI is a service provided by The Blake Project, the leading U.S. brand consulting firm for marketers worldwide. Since the Super Bowl in February 2013, almost all economic publications have published at least one article about the same simple food. He realized that a customer waiting at the store’s cash desk is actually looking for time to spend or to relieve the stress of shopping. Through this competitive lens, the customer spends his attention – and his dollars – on the mobile app in his his hand, not on the Oreos sleeve on the shelf. So, what is the century-long meal in the headlines? It was Oreo. “A client rarely buys what a company thinks it buys what it thinks it sells. But no one can generate or deliver satisfaction as such – at best, only the funds for that can be sold and delivered. 2006 – 2019 Blake Project.

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