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For example, if the average sales cycle is six months and the salesperson is on the account for three months, you can predict that you will earn 55% of the transaction amount. Once you have chosen a reporting period – usually a month, quarter or year, depending on the length of your sales cycle and the growth rate of your sales staff – simply multiply the potential amount of each transaction by the likelihood that it will be completed. If a significant number of employees join us at the same time, your sales forecast should predict a big jump in the company’s development as the number of employees increases. The sales forecast predicts that the seller, team or company will sell every week, month, quarter or year. For example, you can update quarterly sales forecasts every week to make sure that your team is on the right track to achieve your goal. According to Aberdeen Group’s research, companies with accurate sales forecasts are likely to be 10% higher than last year and 7.3% higher to achieve their quota. Managers use employee sales forecasts to assess the performance of their team. They can also make daily forecasts for individual suppliers in the work plan to avoid delays. Policy changes: Do not change your sales plan without adjusting your forecasts. Although it is relatively easy to predict sales in this way, results are often inaccurate.

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