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The team used their Vyond experience to create Vodafone branded video templates, which they then used to quickly create videos on various training topics, maintaining consistent brand and style throughout the training. The team used Han in each video, so the training videos were immediately recognized as relevant for the next SAP update. With the next release of Vodafone’s largest SAP update in 20 years and over 100 pages of closed documentation that will be converted to eLearning in just a few months, Vodafone had to find a way to quickly prepare its global team. With nearly 100,000 employees in more than 20 countries, Vodafone faced several common obstacles in the training process: distribution, assimilation, translation and rapid creation of content tailored to different issues and needs. Through the careful and calculated use of video models, Vodafone was able to create strategic learning paths. The use of video has also been successful, partly thanks to Vodafone’s use of storytelling and character development in the S4 Hana. This phase of the process took two weeks, leaving two months to produce over 20 training videos. To help the Vodafone team better serve its growing customer base, the company has prepared for the implementation of the largest SAP upgrade in two decades. This includes the current “Hanas Tipp der Woche” video series. “Your videos will be distributed on your LMS, with the videos available on your internal VodafoneTube and your internal communication tool on Facebook. Vodafone has more than 440 million customers, with training of the employees who serve these customers as a top priority. The team continues to shoot videos when faced with frequently asked questions. These videos have allowed them to guide their many employees through the process of understanding the new system. The development team started working with process specialists and system integrators to better understand what the new system will do. With the necessary basic knowledge, the team was ready to create a basic structure of 10 complex e-learning modules. VYOND™ is a registered trademark of GoAnimate, Inc. registered in Australia, Brazil, Chile, European Union, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, AIPI, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and Vietnam; Reg.

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