This SEO boost can also help with online reputation

This SEO boost can also help with online reputation management, as reviews push harmful content off the first page of Google search results. According to Fan & Fuel, 94% of all online shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and BrightLocal reports that about 60% of consumers read online reviews for cafes and restaurants, 40% for boarding houses and 33% for services related to medical procedures. Online reviews play a big role in the success of businesses’ online reputation management campaigns, as explained in our blog article on 3 reasons your online reputation management strategy needs online reviews. A recent online review signals to consumers that the company is still open, allowing you to attract more new customers. Online reviews help this process because the more reviews a company has, the more it is mentioned online. Online reviews play a crucial role in business research results. Don’t worry, online reviews have limited power over your business. Even if customers remember your company name thanks to advertising campaigns, they will still look you up online before they buy your products or services. The phrase Theyre the best in town carries more weight in online reviews, where it feels like a testimonial, than in print ads, where it sounds like a marketing slogan. Learn how to handle any type of review with our free guide to best practices and strategies for online reviews. We are an online reputation and privacy management company that helps clients restore, promote and protect their online image. A business that only has positive reviews is actually quite suspect because customers know that not everyone can be happy. Customers who review a business before they leave will choose to stay home or look for a more reliable business if they are not sure if it is still open or not. One bad review can have a negative impact on a business, two can start a trend, and then your business can face a reputational crisis. A social media profile that hasn’t been updated in over a year makes customers wonder if the business is still open or not. When search engines such as Google see that many mentions, they recognize the business as more important than less mentioned competitors.

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