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A Live and YouTube Live and YouTube Live are great ways to reach a broad audience, some brands may find even better use if they also deliver their content on more niche platforms that are closely tied to their audience. Successful video content is planned in advance and is not a 100 percent “spur of the moment.” “If you make sure the main points of the discussion are well-written, you’ll avoid awkward pauses in your presentation and keep your audience’s attention,” says Dr. L. L. L., a video producer. However, one of the challenges of live streaming a physical event is managing the ticketing and sales process, as event organizers are usually reluctant to broadcast their event for free via social media. In addition, live content is less likely to feel “overproduced” compared to other marketing content. Live video is becoming an increasingly popular way to consume online content, and the numbers prove it. Well executed live content makes your brand more real and accessible to your audience, and allows you to appear in front of more people than ever before. By regularly incorporating streaming content into your marketing strategy, you’ll increase brand awareness, which will lead to a significant increase in revenue. Live video content, in particular, is gaining popularity and is a video trend that all brands should consider. In a recent phone interview with Vlad Rigenko, founder and CEO of Dood Live Stream, “he” explained, “A big part of the appeal of live streaming is that it helps connect the physical and virtual worlds. Has your brand already put your video content online? If not, there’s never been a better time to do so. With an ever-growing audience ready to consume live content, brands have plenty of opportunities in various niche markets. Live content is a compelling and effective strategy for expanding your brand in today’s virtual world. Given the current challenges in managing live events, entrepreneurs and organizers have decided to integrate live video. In general, live video content should be informative or entertaining, but entertaining at the same time. The same goes for events,” Elliott says. This summer, ViewStub is hosting its own hybrid conference called EventNEXT, a one-day conference designed to educate event professionals on how to bring events to the world.

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