Technology Landscape Supergraphic – When I say “we update”

When I say “we update,” I don’t use the editorial “we,” but as a member of the Martech landscape this year did not exist last year. We launched, a website where you can see all the data from the current Martech landscape. I publish the Martech landscape every year since 2011, people indicate and predict with confidence that it will take hold. But thanks to the cloud economy – which means it’s incredibly cheap and easy to dynamically scale SaaS on Amazon, Google or Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure – and thanks to product or service driven growth, many of these small Martech companies are waiting to become profitable. It’s almost impossible to “use” them for anything other than to report on Martech’s impressive scale and diversity – or make a trial, random category visit. Other Martech companies were acquired from the 2019 landscape – but they were acquired by companies that have not yet been in the landscape. And let’s return to the dynamics of the ecosystem: by eliminating both the headaches of integration and the overhead of overlapping too many solutions with their own implementations of what should be trivial today, the functionality of the core platform will provide greater profitability for Martech’s manufacturers and customers. In fact, many of the recently discovered companies come from the Martech European landscape created by the Martech tribe earlier this year. I named the site because I bet – in at least one area – that the number of Martech solutions in the world will not drop below 5000 for the rest of this decade. All this was important in marketing and marketing last year. It disappeared from the landscape in 2019 after 615, merged with another Martech company or was simply abandoned. That’s what those who think Martech is only “real” when it raised a ton of venture capital on the Unicorn railroad: the company’s valuation is not like that of a customer. Since everything else is the same, I believe the Martech industry will remain rich and diverse over the next ten years. This year, the landscape of Martech is different.

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